The House of Finance

In its first years since the inauguration, the House of Finance has already become one of the leading European centers for research and education in the field of finance and its interactions with macroeconomics and law. It will bring together research, teaching and consulting institutions of Goethe University involving more than 130 researchers. This is expected to generate additional research interactions and potential, improve prospects for international, interdisciplinary research programs and innovative teaching programs, and deepen interactions of Frankfurt faculty with financial institutions and practitioners.

The Constituents of the House of Finance

  • Department of Money and Macroeconomics

  • Department of Finance

  • The Center for Financial Studies (CFS)
    The Center for Financial Studies (CFS) conducts independent and internationally-oriented research on financial markets, financial intermediaries and monetary economics, promotes the dialogue between academia and the financial community, and provides top level qualification training and executive development. The Center comprises 11 researchers and 37 fellows in different partner institutions worldwide and is directed by Professors Jan Pieter Krahnen and Volker Wieland. 

  • Institute for Monetary and Financial Stability (IMFS)
    The Institute for Monetary and Financial Stability (IMFS) was established by Goethe University to enhance interdisciplinary research as well as economic and legal counseling on all questions concerning money, currency and finances. One of its major goals is the transfer of knowledge from the academic community to the banking business and the world of central banks. It is designed to offer a platform for scholarly exchange of ideas and opinions with national and international participation. The Institute for Monetary and Financial Stability comprises three endowed chairs and integrates three additional chairs from the Faculties of Law and of Economics and Business. The institute’s director is Professor Helmut Siekmann. 

  • Goethe Business School (GBS)
    The Goethe Business School aims at forming and furthering the education of future business leaders, enabling them to grow personally, and to serve their company and society at large. The school is conscious of its mandate to satisfy the highest demands in education, technology, performance orientation, and internationality to prepare managers for their myriad tasks both within their firm and across boundaries. The Goethe Business School offers, inter alia, the Duke Goethe Executive MBA (EMBA) program and the Executive Master of Finance and Accounting (EMFA) as well as seminars, open-enrollment programs and customized corporate educational programs.

  • Center of Excellence “Sustainable Architecture for Finance in Europe” (SAFE)
    Goethe University and the Center for Financial Studies launched their new joint Center of Excellence “Sustainable Architecture for Finance in Europe” (S A F E) which is dedicated to top-level scientific research and research-based policy advice in the area of finance. The Center is funded by the State of Hessen’s “LOEWE” excellence initiative. 


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