Dr. Marius Ascheberg

Dissertation topic:Essays on Empirical Asset Pricing, Dynamic Asset Allocation, and Contagion Effects 
Graduation year:2013

Main Research:
Empirical Asset Pricing
- Portfolio Optimization

Dr. Björn Bick

Dissertation topic:Essays on Continuous-Time Portfolio Optimization and Credit Risk
Graduation year:2012

Main Research:
-Credit Risk
-Portfolio Optimization
-Asset Pricing

Dr. Christoph Hambel

Dissertation topic:Essays on Optimal Carbon Pricing and Life Cycle Portfolio Choice
Graduation year:2018



Personal Homepage

Main research:

- Portfolio Optimization with Biometric Risk

- Environmental Economics

- Asset Pricing

André Meyer-Wehmann

Dissertation topic: Essays in Portfolio Choice and Asset Pricing
Graduation year: 2021

Main Research:

 -Portfolio Optimization

Dr. Lorenz S. Schendel

Dissertation topic:Essays on Consumption, Insurance, and Portfolio Choice over the Life Cycle
Graduation year:2014

Main Research:

 -Portfolio Optimization

Dr. Alexander Schmidt

Dissertation topic:Empirical Essays on Systemic Risk and Financial Markets during the Crisis 
Graduation year:2013

Main Research:
Systemic Risk

Dr. Sebastian Wagner

Dissertation topic:Essays on Consumption-Portfolio Choice with Habits
Graduation year:2016

Main Research:

 -Portfolio Optimization