NameJahrTitel der Disseration / Habilitation
Dr. Daniel Liebler2022"Dynamic Portfolio Choice with Individual Retirement Accounts"
Arwed Ebner, Ph.D.2022"Dynamic Portfolio Choice with Stock Market Loss Framing"
Dr. Yannick Dillschneider2021"Essays in Asset Pricing and Financial Econometrics"
Dr. Peter Schober2019"Advanced Numerical Methods for Dynamic Portfolio Choice Models in Discrete Time"
Dr. Sandy Both2018"Regulating Participating Life Annuities: Economic Implications"
Dr. Tatjana Schimetschek2018"The Influence of Financial Incentives and Health Risk on Retirement and Portfolio Decisions"
Dr. Philipp Gerlach2016"Essays on Return-Based Mutual Fund Classification"
Dr. Andreas Hubener2015"Dynamic Portfolio Choice and Optimal Retirement Decisions for Families over the Life Cycle"
Dr. Ivonne Siegelin2015"Participating Life Annuities: Policyholder's Utility and Insurer's Risk and Return"
Prof. Dr. Ralph Rogalla2014 "Dynamic Portfolio Choice with Life-Contingent Claims and Retirement Investing" (Habil.)
Dr. Vanya Horneff2014"Dynamic Portfolio Choice with Advanced Life Annuities – Analysis of Habit Preferences, Liquidity Options and Downside Protection"
Dr. Jingjing Chai2012"Dynamic Asset Allocation for Household Portfolios"
Dr. Alexander Schaefer2012"Essays on Mutual Fund Intermediation and Investment Management Companies with Applications to Germany"
Dr. Huy Thanh Vo2012"Dynamic Asset Allocation under Regime Switching and Downside Risk Constraints"
Dr. Barbara Kaschützke2009"Payout Solutions for Funded Pension Schemes: Markets, Regulation and Economic Modelling"
Prof. Dr. Marcel Fischer (geb. Marekwica)2008"Tax Optimized Investment Strategies"
Dr. Wolfram Horneff2008"Dynamic Portfolio Choice with Pension Annuities and Life Insurance"
Prof. Dr. Ralph Rogalla2008"Essays on Pension Fund Management and Real Estate Management"
Dr. Michael Stamos2007"Dynamic Asset Allocation over the Life-Cycle and the Role of Incomplete Annuity Markets"
Prof. Dr. Steffen Sebastian2006"Essays in Real Estate Finance" (Habil.)
Dr. Ivica Dus2006"Analyse von Entnahmeplänen als Instrument der kapitalgedeckten Alterssicherung"
Dr. Frank Reiner2005"International Asset Allocation and Real Estate Investments"
Dr. Shohreh Valiani
2004"Hedging the Currency Exposure Risk and International Asset Allocation"
Dr. Ulf Herold2003"Asset Allocation und Prognoseunsicherheit: die Berücksichtigung von Schätzfehlern in der strategischen und taktischen Asset Allocation"