Master Thesis and Thesis Seminar

To complete your master studies you have to complete both the Master thesis and the Master Seminar.

Master Thesis


  • To be eligible for the Master Thesis, you must have completed at least 60CP

Finding an advisor

  • To find a thesis advisor, you must typically contact a professor yourself. It is sensible to choose an advisor, whose seminar you have attended. The thesis advisor can usually be any member of the professor group


  • Master Thesis registration must be done with the examination office. To do so, please visit the examination office during their office hours.
  • There you will receive a form. This form must be filled out and signed by your thesis advisor. The topic of the thesis must be written on the form. After your advisor signs the form, you must return it to the examination office at the next possible office hour for master students

Thesis submisson

  • You will have 18 weeks to complete the Master Thesis. Please note that there are special office hours at the examination office for the thesis submission.

Supervisor Allocation Process at the Finance Department

Further information on the Master Thesis can be found in §36 of the academic regulations (see links and downloads) and in the examination office's instructions.

Please inquire detailed information on deadlines and the registration process in the course catalogue (QIS/ LSF) entry of the Thesis Seminar in each semester.

Thesis Seminar

In order to complete your studies you must also complete the Thesis Seminar along with your Master Thesis.

This means that you should hand in your Master Thesis in the same semester in which you participate in the Thesis Seminar. To ensure this, you have to register your Master Thesis at least 18 weeks before the end of the semester. Therefore, it is not possible to start your thesis all year round, to ensure that you can participate in the thesis seminar. For participating in the Thesis Seminar in:

  • Summer Semester: you must register your Master Thesis approximately between the 1st of February and the 24th of May with the Examination Office
  • Winter Semester: it is approximately between the 1st of August and the 22nd of November

The exact deadlines may move by a day or two each year and can be found in the QIS description of the Thesis Seminar. Additionally, the examination office can provide more information on this matter.

Signing up for the Thesis Seminar

  • You need to register for the Thesis Seminar separately at the beginning of each semester
  • In a first step, you will be asked to fill out a research registration form and in a second step to sign personally a registration list. You will find the deadlines and information on both registration steps in the QIS description of the Thesis Seminar for the semester in which you intend to write
  • Please note that the registration is possible even if you have not registered your Master Thesis yet. However, if you do not register your Master Thesis within the stated time frame, your Thesis Seminar registration will be void and you will have to repeat it next semester again