City of Frankfurt

Top 50 cities in the world offering the best quality of life:

1. Zurich (Switzerland), Geneva (Switzerland),

3. Vancouver (Canada), Vienna (Austria),

5. Frankfurt (Germany), and others. (Mercer Consulting)

"Were someone to ask me what place I thought more comfortable for my cradle, more fitting for my bourgeois attitudes, more appropriate for my poetic view, I could not name a better city than Frankfurt." (Johann Wolfgang Goethe)

Frankfurt am Main is a financial and service center of global importance and, as the focal point of the dynamic Rhine-Main economic region, is one of the leading locations for companies in Europe. This city houses some 300 national and international banks including the German Central Bank (Bundesbank), the European Central Bank, and the German Stock Exchange Group. Together with the Frankfurt Securities Exchange and the Eurex Futures Market, this Group is one of the leading securities and futures exchange platforms in the world. The city offers more than 590.000 jobs for workers from Frankfurt and the surrounding area. Its central location, excellent infrastructure, and world class Frankfurt Airport, the concentration of companies with growth potential in various sectors, and its international atmosphere propel Frankfurt as a frontrunner as the city offering one of Europe's highest qualities of life.