Signing up for Courses and Exams

Course Dates

There are two semesters each year. The spring semester starts in April and ends in September, the winter semester goes from October to March of the next year. Classes are usually held from mid-April to mid-July and from mid-October to mid-February. Find the exact dates for the upcoming semesters here.

Course registration

For most courses in the MIEEP program, no registration is required. You can check out the time and venue in the online course catalog QIS and just go to the lectures.

For some courses (seminars, some supplementary courses, and some electives) the number of participants is limited and therefore an application/registration is required. Please read the information in QIS carefully to determine whether this applies to the courses you intend to take. You can find instructions on how to apply and register for these courses on their respective page in QIS. Please note, that the application might take place some weeks before courses start. More information is provided by the Examination Office. 

Finding courses in QIS

Go to Under “Courses” you can find “Course Overview”. In the upper right corner of your window, you will see the semester the course overview is referring to. Click on it to see courses of former semesters. The courses relevant for MIEEP can be found under: Courses of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration >> Master’s Programs >> Master of Science in International Economics and Economic Policy (2014). The mandatory courses for the first semester can be found under “Fundamental Courses”. Clicking on the course names leads you to a page containing all relevant information about the course.

Exam Registration

Regardless of whether you had to apply for a course or not, you always have to remember to sign up for the exam. The time frame during which exam registration takes place can be found in the description for each course respectively. The Examination Office explains how to register for exams via QIS.


Information about the type of exam can also be found in QIS for each course. For the fundamental courses and many electives, the exam will be a 90-minutes written exam that will usually take place during the three weeks after lectures ended (in February/March and July/August).