Goethe University

The Goethe University was founded in 1914 by private funding. Thus, the university owes its establishment to the link between dynamic research and the conscious commitment of this city’s citizens to the significance of international trade and industry. Today, Goethe University is one of the largest public institutions of higher learning in Germany. It is under the jurisdiction of the State of Hessen, which is also the primary funding source. Around 600 professors and 2,000 other research staff members carry out research here, as well as teach over 35,000 students, of whom around 6,800 are international students from more than 100 countries. Scholars and scientists at Frankfurt University have been awarded many prestigious scientific prizes, including the Nobel Prize. 

The University houses a total of 16 faculties. These are:

  • Law
  • Economics and Business
  • Social Sciences
  • Educational Sciences
  • Psychology and Sports Sciences
  • Protestant Theology
  • Roman Catholic Theology
  • Philosophy and History
  • Linguistics, Cultural and Civilization Studies, Art Studies
  • Modern Languages
  • Geosciences and Geography
  • Computer Science and Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Biochemistry, Chemistry and Pharmacy
  • Life Sciences
  • Medical Science