Online Platforms

There are various online platforms that facilitate and help your studies at Goethe University.

For purposes of study- and exam-administration, a new university portal called Goethe-Campus has been introduced. Since the transition phase from the old platform QIS/LSF is still ongoing, please note that you will need to use both platforms.

Use Goethe-Campus to

  • download study reports and enrolment certificates for the current semester
  • change your address
  • check the payments of the semester fee
  • change your subject of study / application (NOT for master program)

Use QIS/LSF to

  • find courses in the online course catalogue
  • register for courses
  • register for exams
  • generate new iTANs
  • download study reports and enrolment certificates for all semsters
  • see a summary of your grades and exam reports
  • download your transcript of records

Up-to-date information about the transition to Goethe-Campus can be found here (only in German).

Another platform that is frequently used is the e-learning platform OLAT. Usually, all courses have a page on OLAT where you can get course materials and ask questions in a forum. It is important to join the OLAT courses to get all relevant information and to be added to the mailing list of the course.

You can access all three platforms with your HRZ account. The password is sent to you by post together with the notification to collect your Goethe card. You then have to go in person to the Studien-Service-Center SSC to collect your Goethe card (student ID, library card, public transportation ticket, etc.), your HRZ user name and email address, your iTAN list and a welcome and guidance brochure.