Bachelor Thesis

We supervise bachelor theses in the area of public finance, social security and economic policy.  

If you have registered for your thesis via QIS and have been allocated to our Chair, we will have a kickoff meeting. Here you meet possible supervisors and we discuss the topic of your thesis. You are welcome to come with your own ideas within our research area, or we can help you finding a topic. You can write your thesis in English or German. 

To give you an idea about possible topics, you can find some examples from last years here:

  • The interplay between labor income taxation and education subsidies: Sustaining social insurance while mitigating distortions
  • Die wirtschaftlichen Konsequenzen der gegenwärtigen Staatsschuldenkrise in Griechenland
  • Zur Entwicklung der Altersarmut in Deutschland - Gegenwärtige Diskussion und Ausblick
  • The Efficiency of Fiscal Policy - The Role of Household Heterogeneity
  • On the Optimal Design of Unemployment Insurances: The Case of Age-Dependent Policies
  • Verteilungswirkungen der Geldpolitik - ein Blick auf Deutschland
  • Empirical Facts and Modern Theories of Labor Market Dynamics
  • Secular Stagnation
  • Wie die Finanzkrise 2007-2009 den Kreditmarkt beeinflusste - Gab es in Deutschland einen Credit Crunch

If you have any other questions, please send an email to Christine Nieraad.