Quantitative Economic Policy Seminar

The QEP Seminar is open to anyone who is interested in quantitative economic research.

The seminars are taking place in person in room RuW 4.202.

To join the e-mail list, please e-mail Ms. Corinna Wais

Date Speaker Topic
06 Jun 2024 Ben Deaner (UCL) Causal Duration Analysis with Di ff-in-Di ff
13 Jun 2024 Miguel Almunia (CUNEF) Leveraging Trading Networks to Improve Tax Compliance: Experimental Evidence from Uganda
20 Jun 2024 Annika Bacher (Bergen) Spousal Insurance Around the World
04 Jul 2024 Rainer Klump (GU) TBA
18 Jul 2024 Christine Braun (Warwick) TBA