Master Thesis Application and Supervisor Allocation Process – Department of Finance

The matching of students and master thesis supervisors is conducted through a centralized process for all chairs within the finance department. The process is designed in order to achieve the best possible fit between student preferences and available capacity. We will strive to offer supervision slots to all students who have completed the specialisation in Finance, i.e. students that have achieved 36 CP in Finance course, successfully completed the two core courses ("Capital Markets and Asset Pricing” and "Corporate Finance and Valuation”) and a Finance seminar. Any remaining capacity for supervision will  be allocated based on how strongly a student focused on finance related academic matters during the course of his/her studies and how successfully these were completed. If student demand for master thesis supervision significantly exceeds the available capacity, the department will have to limit the amount of students to be supervised.

Deadlines: Registration for a master thesis is possible during the following periods:

TermApplication PeriodAllocation Results
Summer Term01.02. – 15.02. (23:59h)by March 1st
Winter Term15.09. – 30.09. (23:59h)by October 15th


Registration Process: Please use the online tool provided at the bottom of this page for the registration procedure. The tool is to make sure that you successfully apply for a master thesis supervision.

Before starting, please make sure that you have your personal data, student-ID as well as transcripts from the Examination Office (as pdf, accessible via QIS/LSF) at hand. It is particularly important that you use your student email address for the application! Please note that wrong entries might lead to cancellation of your application.

In the registration form, you will be asked to specify a preference list by ranking all chairs of the department. Please note that the tool only accepts registrations with complete rankings according to your preferences.

Notification about registration: After a successful registration you will see the message “Thank you for your registration” on the screen and also receive a confirmation email. If you wish to update your answers or preferences, use the link from the invitation email. However, please note that no changes can be made after the registration deadline. Your registration date for the master thesis plays no role in the assignment of supervisors (no first-come-first-serve principle).

Notification about supervisor allocation: After the end of the application period, students and supervising chairs will be notified about the assignment results via email.

Withdrawals: After the assignment of supervisors to students, students still have the possibility to withdraw from their master thesis registration at the Department of Finance. If you decide to do so, please send an email to masterallocation[at]finance.uni-frankfurt[dot]de. You will still be able to apply again in the consecutive term.

Registration at Examination Office (Prüfungsamt): The master thesis registration tool of the Department of Finance does not replace the official registration with the examination office. You still need the form “Assignment and Advisory of Master Thesis” from the examination office which is then to be signed by your supervising professor. [link]

Agreement on master thesis topics: Most chairs will enter into discussions and suggestions about potential thesis topics only after you have been assigned to them. Please have a look at the chair’s websites in order to find out about the research fields of a chair and in some instances a list of suggested thesis topics.

Technical and other problems: If you have not been able to register for the thesis for a good reason (e.g. you are an exchange student and new to Goethe University), or you experience technical problems while registering for the master thesis, please contact masterallocation[at]finance.uni-frankfurt[dot]de.