Finance Seminar Series - Summer term 2009

The seminar takes place every Tuesday from 5:15 p.m. to - 6:30 p.m. in room "Deutsche Bank" in the House of Finance. Paper download (PDF) will be enabled when available.

Organizer: Holger Kraft

Assistant: Sebastian Wagner

We gratefully acknowledge financial support by Alfons und Gertrud Kassel Stiftung and Interessengemeinschaft Frankfurter Kreditinstitute.

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1.21.AprEduardo SchwartzUCLAOptions Trading Activity and Firm ValuationAbstract  | PDF
2.28.AprYildiray Yildirim
(Room "Boston" (HoF))
Syracuse UniversityBankruptcy PredictionAbstract  | PDF
3.12.MayJosef Zechner
Room "Commerzbank" (HoF)
Vienna University of Economics and Business AdministrationLiquidity and Feasible Debt ReliefAbstract  | PDF
4.19.MayJoachim Grammig 
Room "DZ Bank" (HoF)
University of TübingenInternational Price Discovery in the Presence of Market Microstructure EffectsAbstract  | PDF
5.26.MayPedro Santa-Clara
Room "DZ Bank" (HoF)
Universidade Nova de LisboaForecasting Stock Market Returns: The Sum of the Parts is More than the WholeAbstract
6.02.JunJoao Cocco
Room "DZ Bank" (HoF)
London Business SchoolLongevity Risk and Retirement SavingsAbstract  | PDF
7.09.JunJacob Sagi
Room "DZ Bank" (HoF)
Vanderbilt UniversityDynamic Corporate Capital Stocks:
Cross-sectional and Inter-temporal Stock Return Patterns
Abstract  | PDF
8.22.JunGriselda Deelstra
Room Amsterdam, HoF
Solvay Business SchoolMoment matching approximation of Asian basket option pricesAbstract  | PDF
9.23.JunAnastasia Kartasheva
Room "DZ Bank" (HoF)
Wharton SchoolCompetition among Credit Rating Agencies and Ratings AccuracyAbstract  | PDF
10.07.JulPhilip Bond
Room "DZ Bank" (HoF)
Wharton SchoolInvestment banking (and other high profile) careersAbstract  | PDF
11.14.JulOskar Kowalewski 
Room "DZ Bank" (HoF)
Warsaw School of EconomicsWhy foreign banks withdraw from abroadAbstract  | PDF