Finance Seminar Series - Winter term 2005/2006

The seminar takes place every Tuesday from 5:15 p.m. to - 6:30 p.m. in room "Deutsche Bank" in the House of Finance. Paper download (PDF) will be enabled when available.

Organizer: Holger Kraft

Assistant: Sebastian Wagner

We gratefully acknowledge financial support by Alfons und Gertrud Kassel Stiftung and Interessengemeinschaft Frankfurter Kreditinstitute.

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1.18.OctTarun RamadoraiUniversity of OxfordHedge Funds: Performance, Risk and Capital Formation (with W. Fung, D. Hsieh, and N. Naik)Abstract  | PDF
2.01.NovRafael RepulloCEMFIEconomic and Regulatory Capital in Banking: What is the Difference? (with A. Elizalde)Abstract  | PDF
3.07.NovRandall Kroszner (cancelled)University of ChicagoBanking Crises, Financial Dependence, and Growth (with L. Laeven and D. Klingebiel)Abstract  | PDF
4.08.NovAndrea BuraschiImperial College LondonTerm Structure of Interest Rates Implications of Habit PersistenceAbstract  | PDF
5.15.NovJens TapkingECBHorizontal and vertical integration in securities trading and settlement (with J. Yang)Abstract  | PDF
6.22.NovGabriel LeeUniversität RegensburgTime Varying Uncertainty and the Credit Channel (with V. Dorofeenko and K. Salyer)Abstract  | PDF
7.29.NovAlessandro SbuelzUniversity of VeronaAssessing Credit with Equity: A CEV Model with Jump to Default (with L. Campi and S. Polbennikov)Abstract  | PDF
8.06.DecEvren ÖrsHEC ParisAdvertising and Pricing at Multiple-Output Firms: Evidence from U.S. Thrift Institutions (with R. DeYoung)Abstract  | PDF
9.13.DecChristian ZehnderUniversität ZürichCredit Registries, Relationship Banking and Loan Repayment (with M. Brown)Abstract  | PDF
10.20.DecPaola SapienzaNorthwestern UniversityTrusting the Stock Market (with L. Guiso and L. Zingales)Abstract  | PDF
11.10.JanGyöngyi BugárUniversity of PécsMeasuring the Riskiness of Equity Markets in Eastern and Central EuropeAbstract
12.17.JanAlan MorrisonUniversity of OxfordThe Demise of Investment-Banking Partnerships: Theory and Evidence (with W. Wilhelm)Abstract  | PDF
13.24.JanUrs BirchlerSwiss National BankDo Public Signals Create Asset Bubbles? Results from a Beauty Contest Experiment
14.31.JanHelmut GründlHumboldt-Universität BerlinCapital Allocation for Insurance Companies: What Good is it? (with H. Schmeiser)Abstract  | PDF
15.07.FebPascal MaenhoutINSEADOption-Implied Correlations and the Price of Correlation Risk (with J. Driessen and G. Vilkov)Abstract  | PDF