Speed Limit Enforcement and Road Safety: Evidence from German Blitzmarathons

Category: Applied Microeconomics and Organization Seminar
When: 23 October 2019
, 17:15
 - 18:30
Where: RuW 4.201


„We study the impact of unique traffic law enforcement operations (Blitzmarathons) on road safety in Germany. The operations are characterized by repeated one-day lasting massive speed limit enforcement accompanied by extensive media campaigns. Using register data on the universe of police reported traffic accidents in a generalized difference-in-differences approach, we find that Blitzmarathons reduce traffic accidents and casualties by eight percent. Several pieces of evidence suggest that people drive more responsibly on Blitzmarathon days to avoid getting fined. Immediately after a Blitzmarathon day, drivers return to their usual driving style. We do not find any sustainable effect on road safety.“