Applied Micro and Organisation Seminar

19.10.11Ernst Maug,
University of Mannheim
Indexing Executive Compensation Contracts
26.10.11Patrick Rey,
Toulouse School of Economics
Loss Leading as an Exploitative Practice
02.11.11Jeroen van de Ven
Amsterdam University
Bad News: An Experimental Study On The Informational Effects of Rewards
09.11.11Joep Konings,
University of Leuven
The Impact of Training on Productivity and Wages: Firm Level Evidence
10.11.11Fabrizio Zilibotti,
University of Zürich
Chinese Growth In The Face Of A Demographic Transition

Elu von Thadden,
University of Mannheim

Incentive Compatibility and Differentiability: New Results and Classic Applications
23.11.11Volker Nocke,
University of Mannheim
Vertical Relations Under Credit Constraints

Susanne Prantl
University of Köln

The Impact of Immigration on Natives' Wages: Heterogeneity Resulting from Product and Labor Market Regulation
07.12.11Benny Moldovanu,
University Bonn
Computer Tomography and Mechanism Design

Anna Dreber,
Stockholm School of Economics

Beauty Queens and Battling Knights: Risk Taking, Attractiveness and Facial Masculinity in Chess
19.12.11Gary Charness,
University of California
at Santa Barbara
Self-Confidence and Strategic Deterrence
11.01.12Marie-Claire Villeval,
University of Lyon
Ingratiation Within Organizations
18.01.12David Martimort,
Paris School of Economics
A Mechanism Design Approach to Climate Agreements
25.01.12Georg Weizsacker,
University College London
Correlation Neglect in Financial Decision Making