Applied Microeconomics and Organization Seminar

Wednesday     17:00 c.t.Room 4.201

Olga Kuzmina (Moscow)

Capital Structure and Employment Contract Flexibility
25.04.12James Tremewan (Univ Vienna)Social Preferences and Bounded Rationality in the Centipede Game
02.05.12Martin Kocher (LMU Munich)Precautionary Bidding in First Price Auctions

Jörg Sydow (FU Berlin)

Organizational Path Dependence
16.05.12Ruben Durante (Sciences Po)From Public Influence to Private Return: Evidence from the Italian Advertising Market
23.05.12Ulrich Hege (HEC Paris)Asset Sales and the Role of Buyers: Strategic Buyers versus Private Equity
03.05.12Daniel Ferreira (LSE)Competition and Organizational Change
04.06.12Simon Anderson
Media Market Concentration and the Advertising Market

Sanjeev Goyal (Cambridge)

Competitive Contagion in Networks

Rene Levinsky (MPI Jena)

Should I remember more than you? On the best response to be bounded recall strategies.
20.06.12Jeanine Thal (Rochester UniversityCareer Prospects and Effort Incentives: Evidence from Professional Soccer
27.06.12Steffen Huck (UCL)

From Imitation to Collusion: Long-run Learning in Low Information Environments

04.07.12Mike Felgenhauer
(Uni Mannheim)
Public versus Private Experimentation