Applied Microeconomics and Organization Seminar

Wednesday, 17h c.t., Room RuW 4.201

10/15/13*Raffaella Sadun (Harvard Business School)

Management as a Technology

10/30/13Maitreesh Ghatak (LSE)Profit with Purpose? A Theory of Social Enterprise with Experimental Evidence
11/06/13Martin Brown (Universität St. Gallen)The Hidden Costs of Control - Evidence from Small Business Lending
11/13/13**Luis Garicano (LSE)Relational knowledge transfers
11/20/13Joachim Henkel (Technische Universität München)And the Winner is: Acquired. Entrepreneurship as a contest with acquisition as the price
11/27/13**Klaus Schmidt (LMU München)Reference Points, Social Norms and Fairness in Contract Renegotiations
12/04/13Christopher Koch (JG Universität Mainz)Reviewing a Friend - The Role of Similaritiy and Social Ties in Review Work in Auditing
12/11/13Sander Onderstal (Universiteit van Amsterdam)Collusion and the choice of auction: An experimental study

17 h c.t.


Antoinette Schoar (MIT)The Incentive Effect of IT: Randomized Evidence from Credit Committees
01/15/14Gerd Mühlheusser (Universität Hamburg)The Impact of Managerial Change on Performance. The Role of Team Heterogeinity
01/22/14Ferdinand Vieider (WZB)Risk Preferences Revisited - A Risk-Income Paradox
02/05/14Thomas Dohmen (Universität Bonn)Performance Pay and Multidemensional Sorting Revisited: The Role of Choice Sets, Preferences and Personality Traits


* Joint seminar with macro department. Room HoF 3.45/Sydney. Monday! 14.15-15.45h.

** Together with SAFE