Applied Microeconomics and Organization Seminar

Wednesday, 17h c.t., Room RuW 4.201

04/16/14*)Alex Stomper (Humboldt University Berlin)Training the Doubtful and Timid
04/23/14*)Douglas Cumming (York University Ontario)Gender Diversity and Securities Fraud
04/30/14*)Daniel Metzger (Stockholm School of Economics)How does shareholder voting matter?
05/07/14Stanley Siebert
(Birmingham University)
The Consequences of a Piece Rate on Quantity and Quality
05/14/14Sergey Stepanov (Higher School of Economics Moscow)Biased performance evaluation in a model of career concerns: incentives versus ex-post efficiency
Isabella Grabner (Maastricht University)Implicit incentives for human capital acquisition
05/21/14Thomas Buser (University of Amsterdam)The Flipside of Comparative Payment Schemes
05/28/14Silvia Dominguez Martinez (University of Amsterdam)On the Role of Pre-Determined Rules for HRM Policies
06/04/14*)Jan Zabojnik (Queens University Ontario)CANCELLED !!!
06/11/14Sven Rady (University of Bonn)Strategic Experimentation with Private Payoffs
06/18/14***)Xavi Gine
(The World Bank, Washington, D.C.)
Markets, Contracts, and Uncertainty: A Structural Model of Groundwater Economy
06/25/14David Gill (University Oxford)Cognitive ability, character skills, and learning to play equilibrium: A level-k analysis
HoF E20
Rachel Kranton
(Duke University)
Identity, Groups and Social Preferences
07/02/14Michael L. Powell (Northwestern University Evanston)The Burden of Past Promises
07/09/14Roberto Weber (University of Zurich)
07/16/14Andrea Weber (University of Mannheim)Coworkers, Networks, and Job Research Outcomes


*) Together with SAFE
**) Extra Applied Microeconomics and Organizations Seminar on Friday, May 16th, 11:15-12:30h in room RuW 4.201
***) Joint Seminar with EI