Brown Bag Seminar 2011/12

Date TimeTitle
20.10.11Christian EufingerThe Value of Non-Alignment
27.10.11Gilad TiroshEvasion and Lying under Different Communication Regimes
03.11.11Andrej GillInsight Private Equity
10.11.11Fabrizio Zilibotti
(University of Zürich)
Chinese Growth in the Face of a Demographic Transition
17.11.11Leonie GerhardsHow (not) to incentivize motivated agents - An experiment with employees from a non-profit organization

Neele Siemer

Empirical Evidence on the Impact of Monitoring Strategies
01.12.11Michael HeathDo People have a Natural Pace of Working? - A Real Effort
08.12.11Axel HausLaw and Economics of Litigation: New Insights from Patents
15.12.11Jochen WerthThe Evolution of Networks in Entrepreneurial Finance - Venture Capital versus Angel Financing
12.01.11Matthias HeinzDo firms end-up with higher productivity after downsizing? Evidence from Germany
19.01.12Bernard RichterMotivated Applicants: Field evidence on the self-selection into police duty
26.01.12Björn RichterLeverage in VaR-constrained Core-Periphery Banking Networks
02.02.12Daniel HerboldJob Matching and Hidden Competition
09.02.12Jörg Claussen (University of Munich)Incentives for Quality over Time - The Case of Facebook Applications