Chair of Public Finance


The Chair of Public Finance conducts research on topics like international business taxation, (European) fiscal federalism, public debt and public infrastructure and analyzes redistribution and distribution.


 New textbook

Alfons Weichenrieder, "Ökonomie, Moral und Geschichte - Eine themenorientierte Einführung" (Economy, Morality and History - A Thematic Introduction). Tübingen, Mohr(utb), 231 + XIV pages.

Readable as (German) e-book in the university network via .

The book explains important economic topics in an accessible way. It touches on numerous ethical and historical aspects and is aimed at economics students, students with a minor in economics, and others who are interested in an introduction to economics.


#welfare economics #efficiency and fairness #life satisfaction #self-interest #tax morality #value of life #usury #growth #financial crises


Recent Research Contributions

Stefan Goldbach, Philipp Harms, Axel Jochem, Volker Nitsch und Alfons J. Weichenrieder, "Retained earnings, foreign portfolio ownership, and the German current account: A firm-level approach", forthcoming in: German Economic Review.

Pranvera Shehaj and Alfons Weichenrieder, "Corporate income tax, IP boxes and the location of R&D", International Tax and Public Finance online first, 10 January 2024,

Eren Gürer and Alfons Weichenrieder, "Is there a green dividend of national redistribution?", Journal of Economic Inequality online first, 13 July 2023,

Sylwia Bialek and Alfons Weichenrieder, "Should the global community welcome new oil discoveries", Journal of Economics 137, 2022, 255-278,

Eren Gürer and Alfons Weichenrieder, "Pro-rich inflation and optimal income taxation", Public Finance Review 49 (6), 2021, Vol. 49(6) 815-844,

Sylwia Bialek and Alfons Weichenrieder, "Do stringent environmental policies deter FDI? M&A versus Greenfield", Environmental and Resource Economics 80, 2021, 603-636,

Eren Gürer, "Equity-efficiency implications of a European tax and transfer system", Social Choice and Welfare 57, 2021, 301-346,

Eren Gürer and Alfons Weichenrieder, "Pro-rich inflation in Europe: Implications for the measurement of inequality", German Economic Review 21, 2020, 107-138,

Kunka Petkova and Weichenrieder, Alfons, "The relevance of depreciation allowances as a fiscal policy instrument: A hybrid approach to CCCTB?", Empirica 47, 2020, 579-610,

Weichenrieder, Alfons and Xu, Fangying, "Are tax havens good? Implications of the crackdown on secrecy", Journal of Economics 127, 2019, 147-160,

Lukas Nöh, "Increasing public debt and the role of central bank independence for debt maturities“, European Economic Review 119, 2019, 179-198,


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