Inomics Search engine for economics
AEA (Bill Goffe's guide) Research guide for economists  
RePEc Resources for economists (formerly NetEc)

History of Economic Thought:

HET Website on the History of Economic Thought of the Institute for New Economic Thinking
Web Links External links on the website on the HET
HET Archive Archive of the History of Economic Thought (Roderick Hay, McMaster, Canada)
Digital Library "The Making of America" digital library of Cornell University


JSTOR Electronic collection of journals (requires a valid license)
HUL Exceptional research guide of Helsinki University
JHET Journal of the History of Economic Thought (Cambridge University Press)
JEL Journal of Economic Literature (AEA)
EZB Electronic journal database of Goethe University (accessable through the campus network)
EJHET European Journal of the History of Economic Thought
HET NL History of Economic Thought Newsletter (UK)
Early Journals Internet Library of Early Journals

Institutes and societies:

ESHET European Society for the History of Economic Thought
VfS Website of the Verein für Socialpolitik
Nobelpreis Website of the Nobel Prize committee. The Laureates
Post Keynesian Economics Top 10% institutions and economists in the field of post Keynesian economics
Erasmus Erasmus Institute for Philosophy and Economics (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
AEA American Economic Association
HES History of Economics Society

Universities and chairs:

EDIRC Economics departments, institutes and research centers from around the world
Prof. Caspari Homepage of former associate of the chair Volker Caspari
Prof. Foley Homepage of Duncan K. Foley
Prof. Kurz Homepage of Ricardo expert Heinz D. Kurz

Glossaries of economic terms:

econterms Online glossary by Bruce D. Meyer
wwnorton Glossary of economic terms by W.W. Norton