Bachelor Thesis

Chair selection
For their bachelor theses, students are assigned by a centralized process to chairs. Please see the webpage of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and or ask the Examination Office for further information.

Currently, the House of Finance Chair of Sustainable Asset Management offers bachelor thesis topics in the field of asset management. In addition to a literature review, all topics have an empirical part in which students should analyze data to test their hypotheses. Although it is possible to write only a literature review it is recommended to include an empirical part in the thesis.

The current list of topics for bachelor theses can be found here.

In general, the individual topics will be assigned based on students’ preferences. If multiple students indicate that they would like to work on a given topic, it will be assigned randomly.

Students should have good knowledge in finance, econometrics and statistics. For empirical papers, it is not required to have knowledge in statistic software packages like Stata. However, having such knowledge will be helpful. To make it easier for students to start their empirical work the chair will provide introductory materials on Stata.

Guidelines for theses
Further information on theses at the House of Finance Chair of Sustainable Asset Management can be found in these guidelines. Please read these guidelines before applying for a bachelor thesis.