Letters of reference

Should you need a letter of reference, please send an email to schlag[at]finance.uni-frankfurt[dot]de with cc to derivate[at]finance.uni-frankfurt[dot]de.


In the subject, the email should contain the following information:

  • program for which you want to apply (e.g., „Letter of reference for semester abroad at XYZ University“)
  • deadline (e.g., „deadline May 31, 2024“)
  • Exemplary subject: „Letter of reference for semester abroad Wharton School, deadline May 31, 2024“


The email itself should contain the follwoing attachements:

  • complete transcript
  • short cv
  • information to whom the letter should be sent (handing it over to the applicant is usually a bad alternative)
  • if relevant: form for the letter (with your personal information already filled in!)


Christian Schlag