Finance Brown Bag Archive

Date Speaker Topic
14 Oct 2015 Stefan Pitschner, Universitat Pompeu Fabra Liquidity Shortages and Firm-Level Responses: Quantified Narrative Evidence
04 Nov 2015 Patrick Augustin, McGill University TBA
11 Nov 2015 Grigory Vilkov, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management Non-Myopic Betas
18 Nov 2015 Massimiliano Caporin, University of Padova Multi-jumps
25 Nov 2015 Severin Zörgiebel Valuation Shocks and M&A Activities
02 Dec 2015 Jing Zeng, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management The Effect Activists’ Short-Termism on Corporate Governance
09 Dec 2015 Tim Eisert, Erasmus University Rotterdam Whatever it takes: The Real Effects of Unconventional Monetary Policy
13 Jan 2016 Tatjana Schimetschek, Goethe University A life-cycle analysis of household’s financial incentives to delay claiming Social Security retirement benefits
20 Jan 2016 Heinrich Kick, Goethe University and ECB Pricing of bonds and equity when the risk free rate is constraint by the zero lower bound
27 Jan 2016 Darya Yuferova Intraday Return Predictability, Informed Limit Orders, and Algorithmic Trading
03 Feb 2016 Aleksandra Anna Rzeznik Mutual fund flight-to-liquidity
13 Apr 2016 Alexander Monge-Naranjo, St Louis Fed Openness and the Optimal Taxation of Foreign Know-How
20 Apr 2016 Christoph Merkle, University of Mannheim Financial Forecasting and the Wisdom of Select Crowds
27 Apr 2016 Calebe de Roure, Bundesbank Fire buys of ECB collateral assets
04 May 2016 SAFE & Bundesbank Workshop: Survey Data of Deutsche Bundesbank
11 May 2016 Steffen Meyer, Leibniz Universität Hannover Listen to the Music – The Impact of Music on Individual Investors
18 May 2016 Andreea Vladu, Goethe University & Bundesbank A joint model for nominal and real bonds in the euro area
25 May 2016 Christian Kubitza, Goethe University Systemic Risk: Time Lags and Persistence
01 Jun 2016 Michaela Altieri (Goethe University and SAFE) Subsidiary Debt, Diversification, and Debt Pricing
08 Jun 2016 Sebastian Scheurle, Goethe University Can robo-advice spur stock market participation?
15 Jun 2016 Stefan Scharnowski, SAFE and University of Mannheim The Effects of Post-Trade Transparency in Equity Markets: Evidence from MiFID Large Trade Disclosure Rules
22 Jun 2016 Anne-Caroline Hüser, Goethe University The systemic implications of bail-in: A multi-layered network approach
29 Jun 2016 Johannes Stroebel, NYU House prices, local demand, and retail prices
06 Jul 2016 Thomas Mosk, Goethe University & SAFE The Impact of Government Credit Guarantees during the Financial Crisis: Credit and Real Outcomes
13 Jul 2016 Jenny Pirschel, Goethe University Personal communication and commitment: debt management as a natural experiment
19 Oct 2016 Alejandro Bernales The Secured-Unsecured Funding Relationship with (without) Central Clearing
26 Oct 2016 Roberto Marfè Do Workers and Shareholders Share Business Cycle Risk?
02 Nov 2016 Yusong Huang Liquidity of Bank Assets, Bank Liquidity Holding and Risk Taking
09 Nov 2016 Henning Hesse CoCo Bonds and Risk: The Market View
16 Nov 2016 Michael Ungeheuer Stock Returns and the Cross-Section of Investor Attention
23 Nov 2016 Ilya Dergunov Good Inflation, Bad Inflation, and the Pricing of Real Assets
30 Nov 2016 Nina Karnaukh The Dollar Ahead of FOMC Target Rate Changes
07 Dec 2016 Peter Schober Dynamic Portfolio Choice with Annuities when the Interest Rate is Stochastic
14 Dec 2016 Tatyana Marchuk The Financial Intermediation Premium in the Cross Section of Stock Returns
21 Dec 2016 Julian Thimme Predictability and the Cross-Section of Expected Returns in Models with Long-Run Risks
11 Jan 2017 Rüdiger Weber Volatility Duration and the Early Resolution Premium
18 Jan 2017 Steffen Eibelshäuser Inefficiency in Frequent Batch Auctions with Privately Informed Trading
25 Jan 2017 Bao Yangming Local Spillover Effects and Corporate Investment
01 Feb 2017 Annika Weber Antibiotics in Financial Advice
08 Feb 2017 Fabian Regele Systemically Relevant Business Activities of Insurance Companies
19 Apr 2017 Carlo Wix The Long-Run Real Effects of Banking Crises
26 Apr 2017 Mario Bellia Which hat fits best: High Frequency Traders acting as Designated Market Makers
03 May 2017 Andreas Barth Syndicated loans and CDS insurance
10 May 2017 Itzhak Ben-David The Origin of Business Practices
17 May 2017 Andrei Simonov FICO Doctors
24 May 2017 Christian Westheide Liquidity and Capital Formation of SME Firms: The Role of Tick Sizes
31 May 2017 Tobias Sichert Structural Breaks in the Variance Process and the Pricing Kernel Puzzle
07 Jun 2017 Jun Li Idiosyncratic Cross-Section Volatility and Market Volatility
14 Jun 2017 Christoph Hambel Optimal Carbon Abatement in a Stochastic Equilibrium model with Climate Change
21 Jun 2017 Julian Opferkuch Do Banks Engage in Targeted Credit Supply During a Financial Crisis?
28 Jun 2017 Alexander Ludwig Secular Stagnation? Growth, Asset Returns and Welfare in the Next Decades: First Results
05 Jul 2017 Frederik Eidam Gap-Filling Debt Maturity Choice in the Government Bond Market: Evidence from the ECB's 3-year LTRO
12 Jul 2017 Roberto Panzica Estimation and Model-Based Combination of Causality Networks
19 Jul 2017 Rüdiger Weber Institutional Ownership and Time-Series Predictability of Stock Returns
18 Oct 2017 Nora Laurinaityte Elephants and the Cross-section of Expected Returns
25 Oct 2017 Giuliano Curatola Divergent Risk-Attitudes and Endogenous Collateral Constraints
01 Nov 2017 Co-Pierre Georg Informal Intellectual Collaboration with Central Colleagues
08 Nov 2017 Toni Ahnert Intermediaries as Safety Providers
15 Nov 2017 Vincenzo Pezone The Real Effects of Judicial Enforcement: Evidence from Italy
22 Nov 2017 Yangming Bao The Externalities of Information: Lending to Peer Firms
29 Nov 2017 Christian Kubitza Do consumers benefit from more-informed firms?
06 Dec 2017 Liu Liu Zero HML (and Zero Interest Rates)
13 Dec 2017 Karol Paludkiewicz Asset Purchases and Bank Lending Behavior: The Yield-induced Portfolio Rebalancing Effect
20 Dec 2017 Jannic Cutura Did the BRRD improve market discipline?
10 Jan 2018 Christian Kubitza Financial Contagion and Diversification of Insurance Activities
17 Jan 2018 Christine Laudenbach The Human Touch in a FinTech World – Personal Communication and Loan Repayment
24 Jan 2018 Lea Steinrücke The Fight Against Financial Crime: How Global Banks’ De-Risking Affects Trade and the Local Economy
31 Jan 2018 Zorka Simon The Welfare Implications of the Negative Interest Rate Environment
07 Feb 2018 Thomas Mosk Limits to Monetary Policy Transmission: Evidence from Corporate Loan Pricing
21 Feb 2018 Alexei Kolokolov Statistical inference for price staleness
07 Mar 2018 Markku Kaustia What drives the heterogeneity in portfolio choice? The role of institutional, traditional, and behavioral factors
14 Mar 2018 Christian Westheide Liquidity and Capital Formation of Small and Medium Sized Firms: The Role of Tick Sizes
21 Mar 2018 Giuliano Curatola Pricing Sin Stocks: Ethical Preference vs. Risk Aversion
28 Mar 2018 Tobin Hanspal Experience is the Best Teacher: Financial Misconduct and White-Collar Crime
11 Apr 2018 Panagiotis Anagnostidis Liquidity provision, commonality and high frequency trading
18 Apr 2018 Gabriela A. Werb Visibility-at-Risk: An Approach to Measure a Firm’s Risk of Losing Visibility in Organic Search
25 Apr 2018 Antje Berndt Dealer Inventory, Short Interest and Price Efficiency in the Corporate Bond Market
02 May 2018 Nora Laurinaityte Household Financial Risk Tolerance in Europe
09 May 2018 Alex Zimper Preferences over rich sets of random variables: Let's talk about continuity
16 May 2018 Max Riedel The unintentional effects of Eurosystem’s collateral framework on corporate debt structure
23 May 2018 Christian Kubitza The pitfalls of central clearing in the presence of systematic risk
30 May 2018 Michael Schmidt Yield-Oriented Investment Behaviour in Debt Security Markets
06 Jun 2018 Christine Laudenbach The Long-lasting Effects of Propaganda on Financial Risk-Taking
13 Jun 2018 Julian Thimme Fuel is Pumping Premiums: A Consumption-based Explanation of the Value Anomaly
27 Jun 2018 Julia Kapraun Relying on others' investment skills in social trading networks
04 Jul 2018 Michael Weber The Information Content of Dividends: Safer Profits, Not Higher Profits
11 Jul 2018 Fabian Woebbeking A factor-model approach for correlation scenarios and correlation stress-testing
18 Jul 2018 Andrea Modena Risk pooling, leverage constraints and business cycle
29 Aug 2018 Andriy Shkilko Insider Trading Under the Microscope
12 Sep 2018 Stefan Scharnowski A Tale of Two Cities
19 Sep 2018 Martin Götz Financial constraints and corporate environmental responsibility
26 Sep 2018 David Heller The Impact of Financial Resources on Corporate Inventions: Quasi-Natural Experimental Evidence from Financial Market Integration
10 Oct 2018 Florian Balke Bank Competition for Wholesale Funding: Evidence from Corporate Deposits
17 Oct 2018 Loriana Pelizzon OTC Discount
24 Oct 2018 Rainer Haselmann Political Economy of Financial Regulation
31 Oct 2018 Giedre Lenciauskaite Seasonal bond maturities in the U.S. insurance industry
07 Nov 2018 Melissa Schultheis Forward Contagion
14 Nov 2018 Tobin Hanspal Market Expectations and Investment Behavior: The Case of the Disposition Effect
21 Nov 2018 Vincenzo Pezone Wage Rigidity and the Effects of Monetary Policy: Evidence from the Stock Market
28 Nov 2018 Söhnke Bartram Currency Anomalies
05 Dec 2018 Daniel Liebler Life Cycle Implications of Money-Back Guarantees in Individual Retirement Accounts
12 Dec 2018 Rüdiger Weber Institutional Investors and the Time-Variation in Expected Stock Returns
19 Dec 2018 Bo Bian Globally Consistent Creditor Protection, Reallocation, and Productivity
16 Jan 2019 Marcin Kacperczyk The Private Production of Safe Assets
23 Jan 2019 Özlem Dursun-de Neef Lending behavior of concentrated banks: Evidence from the housing boom and the following bust
30 Jan 2019 Sergio Santoro Efficiency in Insurance Market with Big Data
27 Feb 2019 Qizhou Xiong Housing Consumption and Macroprudential Policies in Europe: An Ex Ante Evaluation
06 Mar 2019 Florian Weigert Have Hedge Funds Solved the Idiosyncratic Volatility Puzzle?
20 Mar 2019 Haoxiang Zhu FinTech Disruption, Payment Data, and Bank Information
27 Mar 2019 Eyub Yegen Common-Ownership and Portfolio Rebalancing
10 Apr 2019 Jörg Stahl Who pays a visit to Brussels? Cross-border firm value effects of meetings with European Commissioners
17 Apr 2019 Mamoru Nagano Bank Business Model and the Branching Strategies
24 Apr 2019 Florian Balke Leverage ratio: Micro evidence of the backstop function to risk-based capital requirements
08 May 2019 Olga Gorbachev Do Bank Branches Still Matter for Local Economic Activity?
15 May 2019 Finance Seminar: Antoinette Schoar Finance Seminar: Antoinette Schoar
22 May 2019 Christian Traeger Capturing Intrinsic Risk Attitude
23 May 2019 Daniel Andrei The Low-Minus-High Portfolio
29 May 2019 Finance Seminar: Tim Schmidt-Eisenlohr Finance Seminar: Tim Schmidt-Eisenlohr
05 Jun 2019 Tobias Sichert U-shaped Pricing Kernel and Expected Option Returns: New Insights
12 Jun 2019 Nora Pankratz Climate Change and Adaptation in Global Supply-Chain Networks
19 Jun 2019 Nils Bertschinger Systemic Greeks: Measuring risk in financial networks
26 Jun 2019 Julia Kapraun (In)Credibly Green
03 Jul 2019 Tobin Hanspal Consuming Dividends
10 Jul 2019 Lucas Herrenbrueck Interest Rates, Moneyness, and the Fisher Equation
17 Jul 2019 Lisa Knauer The Employment Effect of Municipal Credit Market Disruptions: Evidence from Idiosyncratic Bankruptcy Filings
14 Aug 2019 Calogero Brancatelli Preferences for Cash vs. Card Payments: An Analysis using German Household Scanner Data
28 Aug 2019 Jan Keil The Lending Relationships of Relationship Lenders
11 Sep 2019 Zexi Sun - cancelled! cancelled
02 Oct 2019 Nora Laurinaityte Stock Market Participation, Networks and Beliefs
16 Oct 2019 Zorka Simon Eurosystem Collateral Eligibility and Corporate Debt in the Eurozone
23 Oct 2019 Satyajit Dutt Household choices and Income Shocks: Does Superior Information Matter?
30 Oct 2019 Arne Reichel Pricing of counterparty credit risk in OTC derivatives
06 Nov 2019 Vincenzo Pezone Managerial Horizon and Corporate Labor Policies: Evidence from Fixed-Term Boards
13 Nov 2019 Anjan Thakor Higher Purpose, Incentives and Economic Performance
20 Nov 2019 Ernest Dautović Has regulatory capital made banks safer? Skin in the game vs moral hazard
27 Nov 2019 Michael Ungeheuer Growth Expectations out of WACC
04 Dec 2019 Arwed Ebner TBA
11 Dec 2019 Virginia Gianinazzi Reference Points in Refinancing Decisions
18 Dec 2019 Sigurd Anders Muus Steffensen Return Predictability in Federal Funds Futures: Is it there?
05 Feb 2020 Satchit Sagade Broker Colocation, High-Frequency Trading and Institutional Execution Costs
11 Mar 2020 Thomas Mosk (Goethe University) Supranational regulation, national forbearance? Evidence from a Quasi-Natural Experiment
22 Apr 2020 Thomas Pauls (Goethe University) Does MobilePay spur consumer expenditures?
29 Apr 2020 Sasan Mansouri (Goethe University) Econlinguistics
06 May 2020 Andra Coman (European Central Bank, Goethe University) In the face of spillovers: prudential policies in emerging markets
13 May 2020 Patrick Konermann (BI Oslo) - cancelled Asset Pricing with a CEO
20 May 2020 Gabriela Alves Werb (Goethe University) The "Google Effect": Linking Organic Search Visibility to Shareholder Value
27 May 2020 Michael Schmidt (Goethe University, Bundesbank) Who holds negative yield securities and why?
03 Jun 2020 Xu Liu (Goethe University) Counterparty Exposures and Collateral Requirements under Bilateral and Central Clearing
10 Jun 2020 Maximilian Mayer (Goethe University) The Value of Firm Networks: A Natural Experiment on Board Connections
24 Jun 2020 Andreas Barth (Goethe University) ICO analysts
08 Jul 2020 CANCELLED - Elena Pikulina (UBC Vancouver) Equity Market Reaction to Pay Dispersion and Shareholders’ Prosocial Preferences
22 Jul 2020 Andra Coman (Goethe University, ECB) In the face of spillovers: Macroprudential policies in the European Union
21 Oct 2020 Katia Vozian (Hanken School of Economics) Cross-venue dynamics of market resiliency with Hawkes processes
28 Oct 2020 Alberto Cardaci (Goethe University) The Leverage Self-Delusion: Perceived Wealth and Cognitive Sophistication
04 Nov 2020 Thomas Mosk (Goethe University) COVID-19: What Boards Did? Evidence from NHS board meeting documents
18 Nov 2020 Janika Bockmeyer (Goethe University) European banks and the introduction of the Basel III Countercyclical Capital Buffer (CCyB)
25 Nov 2020 Gyozo Gyongyosi (Goethe University) Financial crisis, creditor-debtor conflict, and populism
16 Dec 2020 Alexander Schandlbauer (University of Southern Denmark) Employee health and firm performance
13 Jan 2021 Christoph Hambel (Goethe University) Asset Diversification versus Climate Action
27 Jan 2021 Esad Smajlbegovic (Erasmus University Rotterdam) Board Connections and Bank Trading Returns
03 Feb 2021 Klaas Mulier (Ghent University) Going green by putting a price on pollution: Firm-level evidence from the EU
21 Apr 2021 Michael Schneider (Deutsche Bundesbank & SAFE) Safe asset shortage and collateral re-use
28 Apr 2021 Sebastian Schreiber (Goethe University) Know Your Customer: Relationship Lending and Bank Trading
05 May 2021 Rüdiger Weber (WU) Risk Sharing Within and Outside the Firm: The Disparate Effects of Employment Protection on Expected Stock Returns
12 May 2021 Sasan Mansouri (Goethe University) Does firm's silence drive media's attention away?
19 May 2021 Sabine Bernard (SAFE) The Disposition Effect in Boom and Bust Markets
26 May 2021 Nicolas Syrichas (Goethe University) Stress-Testing Net Trading Income: The Case of European Banks
02 Jun 2021 Alexander Hillert (Goethe University) How to link the CRSP stock market database and the SEC’s EDGAR database correctly?
09 Jun 2021 René Bernard (Goethe University) Mental Accounting and the Marginal Propensity to Consume
16 Jun 2021 Rainer Haselmann (Goethe University) Forward Looking Loss Provisioning
23 Jun 2021 Timo Schäfer (Goethe University) The Filing of Amendments and Investors' Behavior
30 Jun 2021 Özlem Dursun-de Neef (Goethe University) How do banks propagate economic shocks?
07 Jul 2021 Christian Kubitza (University of Bonn) Investors are real: Tracing liquidity shocks from insurance markets to the real economy
14 Jul 2021 Daniel Fricke (Deutsche Bundesbank) Synthetic Leverage and Fund Risk-Taking
27 Oct 2021 Emily Kormanyos (Goethe University & SAFE) Market Impact of Government Communication: The Case of Presidential Tweets
03 Nov 2021 Karol Paludkiewicz (Deutsche Bundesbank) You Can’t Always Get What You Want (Where You Want It): Cross-Border Effects of the US Money Market Fund Reform
10 Nov 2021 Sebastian von den Hoff (Goethe University) A Note on the Use of RavenPack in Academic Research
17 Nov 2021 Philip Schnorpfeil (Goethe University) Communist Imprints and Corporate Behavior
24 Nov 2021 Alexandru Barbu (London Business School) Ex-Post Loss Sharing in Consumer Financial Markets
01 Dec 2021 Ruggero Jappelli (SAFE) The Core, the Periphery, and the Disaster: Corporate-Sovereign Nexus in COVID-19 Times
08 Dec 2021 Rene Bernard (Goethe University) Climate Change and individual behavior
15 Dec 2021 Sebastian von den Hoff (Goethe University) Dynamic Model Selection for Stock Return Prediction via Fused Penalization
12 Jan 2022 David Heller (Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition ) Intellectual property rights as loan collateral
19 Jan 2022 Mohammad Izadi (Goethe University) Banking Market Structure and Trade Shocks
02 Feb 2022 Johannes Kasinger (SAFE) Online betting markets, digital taxes and asset pricing
09 Feb 2022 Fabian Nemeczek (Goethe University) Gender inequality and intrahousehold decision-making
04 May 2022 René Bernard (Goethe University) COVID-19 and Consumption
11 May 2022 Özlem Dursun-de Neef (Goethe University) Green versus sustainable loans: The impact on firms' ESG performance
18 May 2022 Margherita Giuzio (European Central Bank) The macroeconomic effects of the insurance climate protection gap
25 May 2022 Yingxiang Li (UBC Sauders) Conflicting Fiduciary Duties and Fire Sales of VC-backed Start-ups
08 Jun 2022 Jan Radermacher (SAFE) PCA-Biplots as a Visual Aid to Regression Analysis: With an Application to Household Finance
29 Jun 2022 Andra Coman (Goethe University) Monetary policy and macroprudential policy effects on non-bank credit: Evidence from EU countries
06 Jul 2022 Philip Schnorpfeil (Goethe University) Big Brother Watches You (Even When He's Dead): Surveillance and Long-run Conformity
13 Jul 2022 Fabio Girardi (Goethe University) The Price of Uncertainty in the Equity and Treasury-Bond Markets
02 Nov 2022 Sebastian Schreiber (Goethe University) The Value of Private Meetings with Central Bankers
09 Nov 2022 Thomas Pauls (Goethe University) Dirty Money: ESG News Affects Consumption From Dividend Income
16 Nov 2022 Sebastian von den Hoff (Goethe University) Partitioning the Cross-Section of Stocks: The Economic Value of Statistical Clusters
23 Nov 2022 Emily Kormanyos (Goethe University) Do investors compensate for unsustainable consumption using sustainable assets?
30 Nov 2022 Max Grossmann (Goethe University) Climate trailblazer or opportunistic profiteer: The role of bank branches as a channel for funding green renovation
07 Dec 2022 Philip Schnorpfeil (Goethe University) Inflation, Net Nominal Positions, and Consumption
14 Dec 2022 Jan Radermacher (SAFE) Age, Wealth, and the MPC in Europe: A Supervised Machine Learning Approach
18 Jan 2023 Lukas Grimm (SAFE) Textual Information of 10-K Filings and the Idiosyncratic Volatility Puzzle
01 Feb 2023 Hannes Halder (Goethe University) Relationships versus Competition in OTC Markets
08 Feb 2023 Santanu Kundu (University of Mannheim) Internal Carbon Markets and Corporate Carbon Emissions in the EU ETS
26 Apr 2023 Cameron Peng (LSE) Investor Memory and Biased Beliefs: Evidence from the Field
10 May 2023 Marti Subrahmanyam (NYU) Bond Scarcity and the Term Structure
24 May 2023 Dmitry Mukhin (LSE) Optimal Exchange Rate Policy
31 May 2023 Lei Li (University of Mannheim) Trade War, Core Input, and Firm Value
14 Jun 2023 Christian Mücke (SAFE) The Impact of Dividend Restrictions on European Banks' Institutional Investors
21 Jun 2023 Ruggero Jappelli (SAFE) A Quantity Approach to Market Volatility
28 Jun 2023 Howard Kung (London Business School) Product Concentration and Asset Prices
12 Jul 2023 Rachel Nam (SAFE) Open Banking and Customer Data Sharing: Implications for FinTech Borrowers
18 Oct 2023 Hannes Halder (Goethe University) Loyalty in OTC Markets
25 Oct 2023 Tobias Berg (Goethe University) The Impact of CBDCs on payment firms and banks
01 Nov 2023 Ruggero Jappelli (SAFE) Dynamic Asset Pricing with Passive Investing
08 Nov 2023 Errikos Melissinos (SAFE) Real Term Premia in Consumption-Based Models
15 Nov 2023 Claes Bäckman (SAFE) Mortgage Design, Repayment Schedules, and Household Borrowing
29 Nov 2023 Fabio Girardi (Goethe University) The Price of Uncertainty in the Term Structure of Equity and Treasury Yields
13 Dec 2023 Philipp Höfler (Goethe University) Passive Investing and Market Quality
24 Jan 2024 Bernd Skiera (Goethe University) Introducing the Path Method: A Solution to Nonlinear Challenges in Variance Analysis
31 Jan 2024 Arda Berk Sagir (Goethe University) Dynamic Portfolio Choice with Real Estate under Transaction Costs
07 Feb 2024 Simon Paetzold (Goethe University) Pricing the effect of sanctions: International investors frictions and risk premia
29 May 2024 Keno Buß (Goethe University) Heterogeneous Priors and Information Choices: Evidence from Sell-Side Financial Analysts
05 Jun 2024 Xander Hut (Goethe University) Do Voluntary Pledges Make Loans Greener?
12 Jun 2024 Philip Schnorpfeil (Goethe University) Inflation and Trading
19 Jun 2024 Fabio Girardi (Goethe University) What Moves Prices? The Dynamics of Fundamentals and Returns
26 Jun 2024 Hannes Halder (Goethe University) Liquidity in Buy-Side FX Markets