Finance Seminar Series - Winter term 2006/2007

The seminar takes place every Tuesday from 5:15 p.m. to - 6:30 p.m. in room "Deutsche Bank" in the House of Finance. Paper download (PDF) will be enabled when available.

Organizer: Holger Kraft

Assistant: Sebastian Wagner

We gratefully acknowledge financial support by Alfons und Gertrud Kassel Stiftung and Interessengemeinschaft Frankfurter Kreditinstitute.

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1.24.OctRicardo Leal (joint with André L. Carvalhal-Da-Silva)Coppead Business School, Rio de JaneiroCorporate Governance and Value in Brazil (and in Chile)Abstract  | PDF
2.31.OctDirk Hackbarth (joint with Erwan Morellec)Washington University St. Louis, Olin School of BusinessStock Returns in Mergers and AcquisitionsAbstract  | PDF
3.07.NovLaurent Weill (joint with Pierre-Guillaume Méon)Robert Schumann University, StraßbourgDoes financial intermediation matter for economic performance?Abstract  | PDF
4.14.NovLoriana Pelizzon (joint with Monica Billio and Mila Getmansky)University of VeniceDynamic Risk Exposure of Hedge Funds: A Regime-Switching ApproachAbstract  | PDF
5.21.NovJesper Rangvid (joint with Abraham Lioui)Copenhagen Business School, Finance DepartmentReturn Predictability in a Monetary EconomyAbstract  | PDF
6.12.DecDezsö Szalay (joint with Enrique Schroth)University of WarwickCash Breeds Success: The Role of Financing Contraints in Patent RacesAbstract  | PDF
7.21.DecJens Jackwerth (joint with George M. Constantinides and Stylianos Perrakis)University of KonstanzMispricing of S&P 500 Index OptionsAbstract
8.16.JanGunter LöfflerUniversity of UlmCan rating agencies look through the cycle?Abstract  | PDF
9.23.JanAlessandro Sbuelz (joint with Anna Battuaz)University of VeronaClosed-form optimal investment when present values and costs are jump-diffusionsAbstract  | PDF
10.30.JanLars Norden (joint with Wolf Wagner)University of MannheimCredit Derivatives and Loan PricingAbstract  | PDF