Master Thesis

Application for Master Thesis in Summer Term 2024

From March 1st, 2024, you can apply for a master’s thesis at the Professorship for Strategic Management for the summer term of 2024. The latest starting date is May 15th, 2024.

Master theses are assigned within the chair on two dates per year. The application process usually starts in early March and September. Please submit:

- CV

- cover letter

- transcript

- preliminary research idea or short proposal

Your application should be sent by e-mail to Petra Junge (junge[at]marketing.uni-frankfurt[dot]de) and Sascha Hohen (hohen [at] econ.uni-frankfurt[dot]de) until September 15th for the winter term and March 25th for the summer term. You must apply by those deadlines to begin with your master’s thesis in the upcoming semester. The deadline for registration at the Examination Office is November 15th (winter term) and May 15th (summer term).

For the summer term 2024, you can apply for one of the following Master thesis topics:

  1. Top Management Team Diversity and M&A - An Empirical Analysis
  2. Cultural Differences and M&A Performance - A Systematic Literature Review
  3. Cultural Differences and M&A Performance - A Meta-Analysis   
  4. ESG-Ratings and M&A Performance - An Empirical Analysis
  5. Mental Health and M&A Activities - An Empirical Analysis

Dr. Carsten Hentrich offers the following topics in the summer term 2024:

  1. Leadership Capabilities for a Regenerative and Digital Future
  2. Business Capabilities for a Digital and Regenerative Future

Please address potential questions directly to Dr. Carsten Hentrich via the following email: carsten.hentrich[at]dquarks[dot]com

You will receive feedback on your application by mid-October respectively mid-April via e-mail. An information sheet on writing the Master's thesis can be found on the website of the Examination Office.