Stay abroad report

Jonas Strauch (Economics and Business Administration) - MIRAI-Programme in Japan 2017:

"I think it is fair to mention that I was not aware of the MIRAI program until I have read the former report by Dana Winkler and until a fellow student told me about it. Understandably enough, there was not much talk about this opportunity as it is not directly advertised compared to other exchanges. I still decided to apply even though I was not quite sure what to expect.

After sending my résumé and my current grades to Daniel Ehnes, a Ph.D. student from Prof. Dr. Storz, I had to wait for the final approvement from the Chair for the Study of Economic Institutions, Innovation, and East Asian Development. A letter of motivation was mandatory in which I expressed my interest in foreign affairs, especially regarding Japan. After some weeks I had to prepare for an interview, in which the embassy asked me a fair amount about the current Japan-Germany relationship. Another few weeks later I received a positive answer and was more than happy to participate. A local tourist agency then booked the flights a week later and sent me all necessary information ..."
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Networking of Japanese companies and students of Goethe University with focus on Japan and with Japanese language skills
(co-organized by Prof. Dr. Storz, Prof. Dr. Bälz and the Japanese Consulate General in Frankfurt), Goethe University, June 30, 2016
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Stay abroad report
Dana Winkler (Mangerial Economics) - MIRAI-Programme in Japan in December 2015:

"Writing my bachelor thesis about a comparative analysis of Japanese and American video games’ innovation, I never imagined actually visiting Japan so soon. Hence, I could hardly believe my luck when my application to the MIRAI programme, which followed Prof. Dr. Storz’s proposal, actually was successful and I was invited to Japan amongst 150 students from Europe and Central Asia.

MIRAI – fittingly the Japanese word for future – is a one-week study programme sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and aims at fostering Japan-Europe relations and the network building of students studying in the areas of politics, international relations, economics and Asian studies.

Before our arrival in Tokyo, we prepared in small groups in an interactive webinar and cultural self-study in order to realize our own cultural background and learn how to make the most out of the upcoming intercultural experience ..."
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Benjamin Lang (Japanologie/Wirtschaftswissenschaften) Praktikum bei Bosch, Japan

"Ich arbeitete für die Chassis Systems Control (CC) Marketing Division, welche für das strategische Marketing („Wann bringen wir welches Produkt auf den Markt?“ „Zu welchem Preis?“ „Was macht die Konkurrenz?“ „Wie reagiert der Markt?“ …) und das kommunikative Marketing (Organisation von Messen, Test Drives für Kunden, Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit, Lobbying…) von aktiven Sicherheitssystemen (z.B. ABS, ESP, Predictive Emergency Braking System), passiven Sicherheitssystemen (z.B. Airbag) und Fahrassistenzsystemen (z.B. Adaptive Cruise Control) zuständig ist. Da für den Bereich „strategisches Marketing“ Unternehmens- und Produktkenntnisse in hohem Maße notwendig sind, wurde ich dementsprechend im kommunikativen Marketing eingesetzt ..."
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