• Management 2 (PMGT)*
    Schweizer/Storz/Herz/Koscher/Hüning; Course (lecture + tutorial) for Bachelor students of Economics and Business
    Faculty 02
    *This class is supported by DataCamp, an intuitive learning platform for data science and analytics. DataCamp’s learning-by-doing methodology combines short expert videos and hands-on-the-keyboard exercises to help learners retain knowledge. DataCamp offers 350+ courses by expert instructors on R, Python, SQL, and more.


  • Lecture "Introduction to the Japanese Economy" (JW1)**
    Storz/Kaegi; Lecture for Bachelor students of Japanese Studies
    Faculty 09

  • Tutorial "Japanese Economy" (JW2)**
    Storz/Kaegi; Tutorial for Bachelor students of Japanese Studies
    Faculty 09
    **The focus on economics requires a certain understanding of social science methods and theories. Students of Japanese Studies who wish to major in economics are therefore strongly advised to choose a minor in social sciences (e.g. economics, business administration, law, political science, sociology, possibly also ethnology, history).