Franziska Dorothea Velte

Email: Velte[at]econ.uni-frankfurt[dot]de


In April 2022, Franziska Dorothea Velte joined the Chair of Innovation and Entrepreneurship with focus on Japan/East Asia as an external doctoral candidate. Simultaneously, she works at KPMG AG WPG, where she currently supports the department Risk & Treasury with focus in Risk & Resolution Planning. Previously she gained professional experience in the departments Transfer Pricing and Asset Management.

Franziska completed her Master of Science and Bachelor of Science degrees in European Economic Studies at Otto-Friedrich-University Bamberg. In the course of her Master's degree, she participated in the Programme Grande École, Management at Grenoble Ecole de Management (FRA). Previously, she had completed a study year abroad at the Universidad Iberoamericana, Ciudad de México (MEX).

Franziska's research interests lie in the area of economic and innovation development. In particular, she fathoms the correlation between innovation activity and resilience. She hereby analyzes to which extent the correlation is influenced by (i) the type of innovation, (ii) the learning mechanism, (iii) the network and (iv) the institutional framework.