Applied Microeconomics and Organization Seminar 2014/15

Wednesday, 17h c.t., Room RuW 4.201

10/15/14Andrew Newman
(University Boston)
Integration and Management in Industry Equilibrium
10/22/14Martin Högl
(LMU München)
Material resources and the success of innovation projects
Thursday! 12.30
Dmitry Taubinsky
(Harvard University)
The Lightbulb Paradox: Evidence from Two Randomized Experiments
10/29/14Sebastian Kranz
(Universität Ulm)
Predatory Short Sales and Bailouts
Thursday! 12.30-14.00
HoF E.20

Philipp Kircher
(University of Edinburgh)
Assortative Matching with Large Firms: Span of Control over More versus Better Workers
11/12/14Ulrich Doraszelski
(Univ. of Pennsylvania, Wharton)
Measuring the Bias of Technological Change
11/19/14Jeroen van de Veen (Univ. Amsterdam)Don't you push my angry button: Detecting rejecters in an ultimatum game using facial cues
11/26/14Björn Bartling
(Univ. Zürich)
Let the Market Decide: An Experimental Study of Competition and Fairness
12/10/14*)Martin Holzacker
(Universität Rotterdam)
Relative Performance Evaluation and the Ratchet Effect
12/17/14*)Sascha Füllbrunn
(Univ. Nijmegen)
01/14/15*)Thomas Gehrig
(Universität Wien)
Loan Sales and Screening Incentives
01/21/15*)Arno Riedl
(Maastricht University)
Market Competition and Efficient Cooperation
01/28/15NO SEMINAR
02/04/15Dylan Minor
(Northwestern University, Evanston)
02/11/15Michaela Draganska
(Drexel University, Philadelphia)
Advertising Pass-Through: How Does Advertising Affect Retail Prices?
*) Together with SAFE