Macroeconomic Models of Consumption, Saving and Labour Supply
This course is intended to help second year PhD students develop a research question in an area of the microfoundations of macroeconomics, and acquire some of the skills needed to answer interesting research questions. The main focus of the course is on quantitative macroeconomic models. We will learn how to write down a model, especially heterogeneous agent models, derive predictions from the model, and evaluate the model performance against empirical counterparts. You will get familiar with the most heavily used data sets in the research area. We will study dynamic programming and structural estimation techniques, calibration, and reduced form empirical approaches.

Note: The first (virtual) class of the course will take place on Monday, April 20, at 8.30 am.
If you are interested in taking this course (also if you are not sure yet and just want to try it out), please register for the course on OLAT. This will also register you for this course's e-mail distribution list. On Friday, April 17th (and again on the 20th in the morning), we will send a link for a video conference room to everyone who signed up. De-registration will be possible if you do not wish to continue the course.