Paul Reimers, Ph.D. Candidate

Location: Room 3.42
Telephone: +49 (0)69 798 33795
Office Hours: By Appointment

After my bachelor studies in economics at the Albert-Ludwigs-University in Freiburg, I came to Frankfurt for the Master in Money and Finance. During that time, I started working as a student assistant for Prof. Fuchs-Schündeln. Since then, I have been responsible for the collection and harmonization of micro-data for projects analyzing hours worked in the cross-section of countries. Currently, I am in the fifth year of my Ph.D. studies at GSEFM. My interests mostly lie in growth as well as international and monetary macroeconomics. In my dissertation, I assess to what extent structural change can explain different phenomena of the development literature, such as differences in labor supply and educational choices of men and women. Prior to this, I worked on projects related to international capital flows and price competitiveness as well as central banking.

Work in Progress
Structural Change, Gender Gaps & Educational Choice
(Submitted), Model Appendix

Industry Structure and the Composition of Men's and Women's Productive Time
(Unpublished Manuscript), Model Appendix

Advanced Macroeconomics (Ph.D. Course, WS 2018/19)
Econometrics and Stata (Ph.D. Pre-Semester course, WS 2019/20) Script, Stata DoFile