Christoph von Metzler Visiting Professorship

In 1992, the Frankfurt private bank Metzler established the Metzler Chair in International Finance for Visiting Faculty to complement the courses offered at J. W. Goethe University in the various areas of finance. The endowment supports appointments of visiting professors from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and on the other hand makes research stays at the Wharton School possible for professors of the Frankfurt School of Business and Economics.

Developments in technology, media, and communications as well as the liberalization of important markets have led to a tremendous pace in the globalization of financial decisions and in the area of financial innovations. It is still a great challenge for scientific research and teaching to keep up with this dynamic.

For universities to be considered state of the art in the field of international finance, they must reflect the innovative power and flexibility of the markets. At the same time, it is their duty to keep a sober view and to consider the larger context. The faculty exchange between the Wharton School and the Frankfurt School of Business and Economics supports Goethe University in meeting these ambitious expectations.