Welcome to the Chair of Innovation and Entrepreneurship with focus on Japan/East Asia

Our group looks at organizations that are embedded into an institutional environment. In particular, we are concerned with i) the institutional implications for innovation, corporate culture and organizational design, and ii) how institutions change over time. We focus primarily on Japanese organizations and the Japanese context, but we also look at different institutional settings across countries. The Chair for the Study of Economic Institutions, Innovation and East Asian Development is affiliated to the "Interdisziplinäres Zentrum für Ostasienstudien (IZO)”.  




"Addressing the Visual Turn in Management Research: New Insights for Optimal Distinctiveness and Identity Research" (DFG: STO 860/12-1)

  • Cornelia Storz (Goethe University Frankfurt) / Egbert Amoncio (WIPO and Goethe University Frankfurt), in cooperation with Alexander Vossen (Tilburg University)
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Ramachandran, R., Storz, C., & Amoncio, E. (forthcoming). Entrepreneurship Trainings and Human Capital Endowment: When Learning From External Sources Does (Not) Increase Performance. In-Press, Entrepreneurship Research Journal (open access).


Casper, S., Miozzo, M., & Storz, C. (2024). The Emergence of an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: The Interplay between Early Entrepreneurial Activity and Public Policy in the Korean Online Gaming Industry. Industry and Innovation. https://doi.org/10.1080/13662716.2023.2254261


Miozzo, M., Storz, C., & Casper, S. (2023). Digital creatives and digital engineers: entrepreneurial firms, institutional context, and the organization of innovation. Socio-Economic Review, mwad057. https://doi.org/10.1093/ser/mwad057


8th Research Seminar "Strategic Entrepreneurship and Innovation"

  • When: February 7, 2024, 14:30
  • Where: Technische Universität Darmstadt
  • In cooperation with Goethe University Frankfurt
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Call for Papers Network F KITE: Knowledge, Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship - SASE 2024 Annual Meeting, 27-29 June, University of Limerick, Ireland

The Call for Papers for Network F KITE: Knowledge, Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship, included in the SASE 2024 Annual Meeting, has opened.